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Mary’s Pro-Life Boot Camp is a respect life initiative to strengthen hearts to love and protect all life from conception to natural death.  Our focus is on developing an army of faithful families and individuals that uphold the dignity of life.  By providing opportunities to learn, develop and practice skills usable in our lives, families, adults and teens become an army that protects, serves and inspires by abundantly living their Catholic faith.  

This initiative is our prayers in action. 

Our Blessed Mother Mary is always invited to intercede and pray for us,

each of our participants and to lead us to her son, Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Mary's Pro-Life Boot Camp!!

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Our Mission

The time is now to be disciples for Life.  We educate, lead, inspire and support our community to be unconditionally pro-life,  upholding the dignity of all life from conception till natural death through both Mary's Prolife Boot Camp and Mary's Militia. 

As Catholics, we evangelize that we are each uniquely created in the image and likeness of God and recruit others to do the same.

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Mary's Prolife Boot Camp and Mary's Militia are initiatives hosted by the Franciscan Daughters of Mary and their volunteers (Special Forces). 

You can learn more about the Franciscan Daughters of Mary at


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Our Mission

"You formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother’s womb.

I praise you, because I am wonderfully made;"

Psalms 139:13-14

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