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Our Lady of Guadalupe Novena
12/3 - 12/12
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Feast of the Holy Innocents

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March for Life 2024
1/17-1/21     2024

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Prolife bootcamp 2024

Infinitely Loved

5-day overnight camp for high school students (ages 14-17)

Ages 18-25 may apply to be Special Forces volunteers

Announcing dates and location for Mary's Pro-Life Boot Camp 2024:

Thursday, June 27th - Monday, July 1st at Holy Cross

More details coming soon!

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Previous Speakers for Mary's Pro-Life Boot Camp (2023) "Pro-Life Heroes"

mother seraphina.jpg

Mother Seraphina Marie, fdm

Community Servant of the Franciscan Daughters of Mary

Mother Seraphina, originally from New Jersey, is the servant of the Franciscan Daughters of Mary in Covington, KY who operate the Rose Garden Home Mission in Covington.  The Rose Garden serves families and individuals in need by offering new baby welcome baskets, diapers, baby items, pregnancy testing, food pantry items, and free medical and dental care.  

Mother has an engaging conversion story that she has been invited to share on the Coming Home Network, as well as numerous schools and churches.  

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Fr. Bob Rottgers

Pastor of St. Philip Parish

Fr. Bob Rottgers from the Diocese of Covington is the principal exorcist for the diocese and an engaging speaker.  Fr. Bob uses his practical experience to shed light on the daily spiritual warfare every practicing Christian encounters.  A true "country boy," Fr. Bob is gentle, humble, direct and often humorous.  


Fr. Ethan Moore

AKA: "The Boot Camp Priest"

Fr. Ethan Moore of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is chaplain for the UC Catholic Bearcats and pastor of the "Uptown Catholic" region of parishes of St. Monica St. George, Annunciation, and Holy Name (the pro-life church).

Enthusiastic, full of life, and one-of-a-kind, Fr. Ethan is a graduate of Franciscan University and perhaps one of Our Lady of Guadalupe's biggest fans.  Affectionately dubbed by previous campers as "the Boot Camp Priest," Fr. Ethan has been at every boot camp so far!  


Fr. Jonathan Meyer

Pastor of All Saints Parish, Indiana

Fr. Meyer is a returning speaker to Mary's Pro-Life Boot Camp.  He is a gifted and dynamic preacher whose homilies and talks are listened to across the country and beyond.   Fr. Meyer is selfless in his service to Christ and His Church, and has a zealous love for truth.  

fr thomas p_edited.jpg

Fr. Thomas Picchioni

Pastor of St. John the Evangelist in Carrolton

Fr. Thomas is a gifted preacher who takes joy in bringing others to Christ and helping them reach their full potential as children of God.  He is inspiring in his encouragement to fully live the Gospel and become the saints we are called to be.  


Kelly Lester

National Speaker

“Have you had enough?” It was just four words, but it was a turning point question in Kelly Lester’s life.

For 15 years, Kelly had been running from the Lord, desperate to fill the hurting places in her heart with men, drugs, and every other kind of coping mechanism. But after nearly losing her life in a violent domestic fight, Kelly came to a place of surrender to the question God was asking of her.

But God, do you know the things I’ve done?

“Yes, Kelly, but if you follow me, I will make beauty from ashes.”

Kelly’s story is one that covers so many difficult and painful topics in our world today. Child molestation, raped as a teen, several abortions, drug dealing, eating disorders, homosexuality, pornography, prostitution, and even working in the clinic where she had her first abortion. But beauty triumphs from the ashes, and Kelly is a testament to how God can clean all the dirty parts of a painful life story and make it brand new.

Now a wife and mother of six children, Kelly loves to share her story to give hope to the most desperate situations proving that God can save anybody. She is currently a client advocate for LoveLine Ministries, Director of Outreach for And Then There Were None and Pro-Love Ministries, and a board member for Village Ansanm: Living Stones Ministries.

mary borchard_edited.jpg

Mary Borchard

AKA: "Sr. Clare's Mom"

(Also known as "Paul's Mom" in Texas)

Mary Borchard of McKinney, TX has a background in biochemistry, homeschooling, co-teaching high school biology, and actively volunteering at her home parish and beyond.  Among many volunteer activities and mission trips are many pro-life related ministries.  Her 30+ years of pro-life ministry include being parish pro-life coordinator at St. Gabriel Parish in McKinney, prayer witness at many abortion facilities including the one where Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) worked, helping coordinate 40-Days-for-Life campaigns, serving as a "Gabriel Angel" and walking with mothers considering abortion, Rachel's Vinyard and abortion after-care, March for Life, Youth-for-life in Dallas, Pro-Life Boot Camp Dallas, and 4 of 4 years with Mary's Pro-Life Boot Camp in Kentucky.  When she is not busy volunteering, she enjoys beekeeping, gardening, traveling and many other things.  


Josh Brahm

Equal Rights Institute

Josh has worked in the pro-life movement since he was 18. After 12 years of full-time pro-life work he launched Equal Rights Institute to maximize his impact on the movement.

A sought-after speaker, Josh has spoken for more than 23,000 people in six countries and in 25 of the 50 states.

Josh’s primary passion is helping pro-life people to be more persuasive when they communicate with pro-choice people. That means ditching faulty rhetoric and tactics and embracing arguments that hold up under philosophical scrutiny.

He has publicly debated leaders from Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), Georgians for Choice, and one of the leading abortion facilities in Atlanta.

Josh also wants to bring relational apologetics to the pro-life movement. “Some pro-choice people will not change their mind after one conversation on a college campus. Some of them will only change their mind after dozens of conversations with a person they trust in the context of friendship.”

Josh is formerly the host of a globally-heard podcast turned radio/TV show, Life Report. He now hosts the Equipped for Life Podcast. He’s also written dozens of articles for and the ERI blog. He has been interviewed by the Washington Post, NPR, and Focus on the Family.

He directed the first 40 Days for Life campaign in Fresno, resulting in up to 60 lives saved.

Josh has been happily married to his wife, Hannah, for 17 years. They have three sons, Noah, William, and Eli. They live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

roger grein photo.jpg

Roger Grein

        Founder and President of
                 Magnified Giving

Roger is a successful businessman, internationally recognized softball coach, long-time philanthropist, and founder of Magnified Giving. An entrepreneur since age seven, Roger made his first, significant philanthropic contribution as a young teenager and has been freely giving of his time, talent and treasure for the past sixty years. As the founder and coach of Jake Sweeney girls softball team, his teams won regional, state, national and world championships. In 2022, Roger was honored with the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service by the Rotary Club of Cincinnati. He also received Redwood’s 2022 Shining Bright Award, recognizing how he has overcome the barriers of Cerebral Palsy to be a role model to those in the community with distinct abilities. Roger's life story inspired a documentary called "Roger Grein: An Empowering Philanthropist," which can be viewed for free.

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Boot Camp 2024

Infinitely Loved
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"..nor shall you stand by idly when your

neighbor’s life is at stake."

Leviticus 19:16

Each Day Includes:

Morning and Evening Prayer
And More!

Thursday June 29th 2023

Family Picnic and Prayer Night

Friday June 30th 2023

"Dignity of the Human Person"

Pro-Life Saints and Heroes Talks

"Fetal Development and Abortion 101"

Pace-Counter Rosary Making

Pro-life Witness Story

Saturday July 1st 2023

Pro-life Mass in Cincinnati

Prayer at Abortion Facility

Flowers and Prayers at Cemetery

Pro-Life Witness Talks

Pro-Life Movie Night

Sunday July 2nd 2023

Pro-Life Apologetics Mini Conference

(how to defend life in conversations)

Spiritual Warfare Talk

Monday July 3rd 2023

"Pro-Life Challenge"

Prayer at Abortion Facility

Service Day at Rose Garden Home Mission

Family Picnic and Presentation

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