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Forming a Spiritual Army of Families that Protect Life, Human Dignity and Christian Values so as to Build Up and Strengthen Families in Christ and His Church

About Mary's Militia

While at prayer one day, Sister Clare was thinking about Mary's Prolife Boot Camp and felt that the Lord said to her, "You have a Boot Camp.  Where's the Army?"  So, Mary's Militia was born.

Pope St. John Paull II once began a revolution for freedom and human dignity in Poland, and he did it by upholding the dignity of every human person and strengthening family life.  There is a most great need for this in our society today.  

Prayerfully consider enlisting your family into Mary's Militia.  Recruitment is for families interested in being strong prayer warriors, those who have a heart for protecting the most vulnerable in today's society - the unborn- and for those Catholics who love and are faithful to Mother Church.

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Dates for upcoming
Mary's Militia Family Retreat
have not been released yet

If you would like information on enlisting your family in Mary's Militia, contact us at

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