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Avengers are Pro-Life Super Heroes

As they say, not all super heroes wear capes!

So, avoiding spoilers for End Game (but maybe a little caution if you've not seen Infinity War), let's review the awesomeness that is this Marvel Comics pro-life message!

Avengers: Infinity War, the prequel to the oh-so-good Endgame, was abundantly full of pro-life values. Basically, their mission is to stop Thanos who is self motivated by over population and the damage he believes it results in. The solution according to Thanos - to eliminate half of all living beings using random selection. Using a set of reality-altering gemstones he gathered at all cost to himself and others, he has the power to complete his solution at the snap of his fingers. ~Snap!~ Just like that, half of all creation dematerializes. Lives, according the Thanos, are only valuable to the better good of mankind if they are erased.

The Avengers journey the film having to make decisions of life and death. When there comes an opportunity for one to be sacrificed to possibly keep a necessary stone from Thanos, Steve Rogers decides, "We don't trade lives." Super Heroes don't sacrifice one innocent life in hopes for a better good. After all, Avengers are the defenders of life, right?

Then, End Game. After the message of Infinity War, what did the Avengers (those left, anyway) do to defend life?

- to save life?

- to renew hope that even the powerful (like Thanos) can not compete with the pro-life message?


Don't believe lies of perspective. Truth is not relative to opinion and Lives are not subjects of choice.'ll have to watch the movie. Seriously, I can NOT say here! But here's what I can tell you that, hopefully, you already know:

Jesus is the ultimate Super Hero that didn't pick and choose who was worth saving. He sacrificed himself so that ALL mankind has abundant life.

So, that's on the edge of spoiling but it's a message I can't keep to myself. Go see the movie, be inspired by the message,....then register for Mary's Pro-Life Boot Camp to be strengthened as the Pro-Life Super Hero you were created to be!

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